About Cindy

If you are to ask what I am made of, I would probably answer, “Coffee, books and a flight ticket”.

I have always been fascinated with traveling and immersing myself in different cultures. It has cultivated my love for learning and has exposed me to different perspectives. Working in a travel industry for more than a decade now, planning and designing the best experiences for my clients have always been a mission.
Along the way, writing has never left me. On the side, I create, write and publish books. I love the exchange of ideas through my courses, Indie Publishing and Social Media Marketing for authors who aim to get their work out there. 
I also run a podcast for creatives and I blog about self-love at selfloveafterruins.com.
Writing Courses
  • Indie Publishing the Write Way Course
  • Social Media Marketing for Authors
  • Writing and Speaking in English Links
  • The NoveList (Printable e-book)
  • 31st
  • Back in Santa Barbara
  • The Meatball Club
  • #OneTwoShit
Travel Services
  • Plan your travel
  • Travel with me

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