Creativity in Isolation

Creativity in Isolation – How to Spend Your Days in Quarantine Creatively

Days in quarantine and isolation can be dull, but only if you allow it to be. Here are ideas on how to get creative in spending your time at home. If you are creative, regardless if you are introverted or extroverted, this period is the best way to touch base with your home hobbies. I …

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Embracing Uncertainties

Embracing Uncertainties

Having control over everything that affects my life has always been mandatory since I started my career. Efficiency and productivity too. Spending half of my life in a city that never sleeps, I was not only trained to meet expectations, but to exceed far and beyond them, which means constant pressure is a company that …

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Exceptional Wanders

I grew up in a small town south of Manila. My life then was simple, routinely from work and home. My parents are not avid travelers that the number of times I have been to the beach in my childhood years are not more than the number of my fingers (in my right hand). Imagine, …

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Coffee and Fly Guide to Hostels

Coffee and Fly Guide to Hostels

Welcome to the Coffee and Fly Guide to Hostels! This is a part of a travel guide series so you can plan your travels better. As a passionate traveler, I have my fair share of lessons on what makes a perfect holiday.

12 Most Valuable Lessons for 2019

12 Most Valuable Lessons for 2019

This year, I may have lost friends, money, opportunities, chances and many others, but focusing on the takeaways is a choice. Looking back, I have listed the most valuable lessons I learned this year.

Infinite Stories

What if there are not enough doors for you as a writer, what would you do? Would you keep on submitting and pray that one day, your work would be selected? Well, the word ‘one day’ just won’t do for me. I have tried submitting my stories to different publications but not a single soul …

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