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I still remember how I used to google how to’s in indie publishing and social media marketing in the past and not able to find a manual that would suffice. It was as like a secret sauce no one wants to share it or if they do, the courses are very pricey.
Nevertheless, we went through the process of self-publishing, experimented, made a lot of mistakes, and learned what can work out and what won’t. Even before I completed my Marketing Management studies in Hong Kong University, I believe that experience is still the best teacher. Being in the self-publishing for many years, we have learned that although the old and basic principles work, there are always up and coming trends we still have to watch out for.
More than just a career, self-publishing is a fulfillment of your writing passion. Let us help you in this journey!

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Indie Publishing the Write Way

Producing a book does not end after writing it. In fact, the roller-coaster ride starts after the manuscript has been written. This three-month online course will guide you from editing, funding, to marketing your book without the assistance of a publisher.

Social Media Marketing for Authors

Learn how you could sift through the noise of social media and find your audience. Discover how to create and manage your brand and identity as an author. Learn strategies on how to market your books and connect with your readers.