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One, Two, Shit… is a collection of poems and personal essays about moving on and starting over.



Felicia just moved to Spring City, a thriving city which has surpassed the grandeur of any city in the Philippines. She was hoping to forget bad memories and to pick herself up again.

The city was majestic and the people she met were friendly. There’s the helpful guard named Kanor and the good looking botanist next door, Chris. She also met a self-proclaimed witch with an eccentric hairstyle named Carlotta, who warned her never to open her door whatever happens on the 31st of October. Felicia was cynical, and she eventually forgot about the warning.

One evening after a nice date with Mr. Botanist, the doorbell in her apartment rang. Without even thinking of Carlotta’s advice, she opened the door and found no one. Instead, she felt a gust of the wind in her face. When she turned around, she almost fainted when she saw two weird looking creatures sitting in her living room.

Back in Santa Barbara

When Felicia wakes up one morning, she realizes that a year has been missing from her memory. It was a year she disappeared to the Underworld, and all she has left is a diary.

Scared and clueless of what to do, Felicia decides to go back to her safe place – Santa Barbara. This time however, she is not alone but with her best friend, Lucy and the next door neighbour, Chris who was also an engkanto. It is easy to like Chris, but what Chris is offering her is too much. He gave up being an engkanto to be a mortal and to be with her. 

And what if she chooses to love him? Will he stay for good?

The NoveList: A Planner for Writers

What do you do when your ideas aren’t cooperating, and the plot isn’t working out? How do you keep away from procrastination? The NoveList is here to help you plan your novel better. We take you through:

  1. Setting up your foundation – This part is for you to expand an idea into a full-blown story. It also comes with tips on designing your writing environment.
  2. Taking actions – This is where you plot and must be completed 1 – 2 weeks before getting into writing.
  3. Choosing discipline – It includes a daily tracker and a 52-week journal space for you to reflect on your accomplishments of the day.

Note: This is a prototype version.

One, Two, Shit...

Swipe Left. Swipe Right.

  1. Never be the first one who falls in love.
  2. Don’t wait for him to call.
  3. Never assume unless otherwise stated.
  4. Always use protection.
  5. Take the chance to explore your sexuality.

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